J. L. Brandt Company Inc.
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About Us
    Joe Brandt has over 40 years of personal experience in the jewelry industry, and is a second generation jeweler. His company, (J.L. Brandt Co., Inc.) which dates back to 1928, had been primarily involved in fine jewelry manufacturing for more than 60 years, as well as the wholesale distribution of diamonds, colored stones and pearls. At the present time, the company provides consulting services to retail jewelers, and offers an advisory service to the public. Mr. Brandt writes a column ("The Jewelry Box") for the Hersam Acorn group of newspapers.
    Joe Brandt has an extensive background in various aspects of fine jewelry. Over the years he has been a member of many of the most prominent jewelry trade associations in the United States, and has received formal training from the Gemological Institute Of America. Eighty years of cumulative experience from J.L. Brandt Company, along with the past fifteen years of daily experience as a consultant and an advisor, has provided a truly unique perspective.

    Protecting The Family Jewels came about as a direct result of the lecture series (of the same name) that Mr. Brandt has been giving, primarily in his home state of Connecticut, for the past several years. Over time, and with careful consideration to feedback from the attendees of the PTFJ lectures, it became clear that the only viable way to share this information effectively (on anything greater than a very local scale) would be to write a book on the subject.