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 Protecting the Family Jewels

Every minute of every day, someone’s jewelry is either lost or stolen. People make poor choices when buying, bad choices when insuring, and sometimes worse choices if they ever sell their jewelry. Routinely, jewelry becomes damaged one way or another, but all of these things can usually be avoided. You can keep your possessions secure, with less effort than you can imagine.

In this easy-to-read, completely non-technical format, you will discover:
How to protect your jewelry against theft, without spending a dime.
How to protect your jewelry against most accidental loss.
How to protect yourself when buying jewelry.
How to protect your jewelry investment through your homeowner’s insurance.
How to protect the condition of your jewelry through routine care.
How to protect your heirs when passing jewelry to the next generation.
How to protect your best interests should you ever want to sell your jewelry.

"Joe Brandt has taken a lifetime's worth of experience in the jewelry business and distilled it into a very readable, commonsense book about how to protect fine jewelry. If you have jewelry that's important to you, this book could be the best investment you ever made."
                                            - Mark Huffman, ConsumerAffairs.com